+Three Profiles

Why COP17? (For more information, check out the "About" page)
The GCI is lucky enough to have 3 delegates attending COP17 conference in Durban, KZN, at the end of November/beggining of December 2011. While we might not be able to change what gets decided on, we can spread the word out there, far and wide. This blog serves to provide a personal, simplified version of the happenings of COP17 as we experience it, so that YOU can know what’s going on and hold UN and governments accountable for their decisions.
Who are we?
Three different students, from three different backgrounds. Our diversity of opinion is affected by the diversty of our experiences, and we hope you can relate to at least one (if not all) of us!
1. The Anthropologist:
Kate P
Kate P is a 22 year old human-lover with a passion for social justcie. Born and bred in KZN, Kate has been studying at the University of Cape Town for the past 3 years. Now having some sort of opinion on politics and anthropology, Kate is working toward the social justice side of climate change. Follow her posts for the human angle on stuff.

2. The Pragmatist:
Nick K
Nicholas is a 23 year old student reading towards an Mphil Environmental Management Degree at the University of Cape Town. He completed my BA majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Geography. His honours degree was in Geography and Environmental Science, both at the University of the Western Cape. These opportunities have allowed him to become conscious of the social, political and ecological challenges that need to be addressed with regards to climate change. His interest and blog focus will lie in the development of climate change mitigation policy.

3. The Activist:
Juli R

Juli R has been a greeny or ‘tree-hugger’ (as her family likes to say) for pretty much as long as she can remember. She is currently an Mphil student at UCT studying environmental management. She has been passionate and interested about Climate Change upon doing a project in junior school about CFC aerosols and how they were playing a role in global warming. Climate Change is contended by either adaptation or mitigation measures. She cannot wait to see the governments at action and how the developing and developed countries’ approach differs in the negotiations. She feels so fortunate to be able to attend COP17 and see what happens at this major international event.

So sit back, relax, and let us do the busy COP business for you. Then take what you hear, go out, and make a difference.